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Adding Bowlers

Add bowlers to existing teams.

1. Navigate to your Dashboard and click "Manage Teams"

2. Select the League you would like to manage, and click the arrow next to each team to expand the team.


3. In the Search field under the team’s list of bowlers, type the bowler’s name you wish to add. Repeat for every bowler that needs to be added to this team.


Note: You can select the bowler if they appear in the dropdown menu, or click Enter on your keyboard after typing.

4. After clicking Enter or selecting the bowler in dropdown, you can populate any necessary fields inside the blue bubbles that show each bowler.


5. Then click the Add button to confirm adding the bowlers in the blue bubbles to the team.








Note: If you need to update more bowler information after adding, please see Manage Teams help center article for more assistance.

Manager Dashboard - Manage Teams.PNG
Manage Teams - Search Bowlers.PNG
Manage Teams - Add Bowlers.PNG
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