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Cashless Is The Future Of Payments:

Implementing Online Payments In Your Leagues

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For the longest time, cash was a staple in business. “Cash is King” is a phrase most people know and have heard for years and league bowling was no different. However, in this time where efficiency is becoming more important, and with growing concerns of cleanliness & hygiene, cash is quickly becoming a grand inconvenience.


A growing list of Industries either do not accept cash, or are adopting contactless payments as part of their opening plans:


  1. Airlines - Have not accepted cash for many years, and more airport related companies and services are no longer accepting cash

  2. Hotels - A Debit/Credit card is required to hold reservations

  3. Retail Business - Many businesses have already adopted contactless payments for seamless customer experience, and now governments are requiring some businesses to adopt contactless payments to safely reopen post Covid-19

  4. Entertainment Centers - Quickly Adopting cashless technology for arcade, F&B, events and more.

  5. Highway Tolls - Slowly reducing the amount of cash lanes, and in certain periods of time completely eliminating cash collection


Cash and League Bowling


While it is not exactly perfect for today’s or tomorrow’s league bowler, cash and the money envelopes we stuff them in have been a staple in the league bowling industry for decades.

Unfortunately, as we take a deeper look, we see that this reliance on cash can cause issues, and there are simply just easier ways to process payments from customers. Firstly, it requires many physical and manual interactions between all league members, league secretaries, and staff.


Furthermore, cash requires manual accounting, and that can make it very difficult to manage league finances. Whether it's bad math, sketchy hand-writing, or innocent human error, there are oftentimes errors resulting in a lower profit than expected. Even when everything goes smoothly managing the finances each week, we still see on the news cash prize funds being stolen from leagues. Are these the tools we want managing a significant source of revenue in 2020?

Being Cashless


As league bowling resumes, we need to address that cash just may not be a safe way to collect payments from your bowlers. Many states are prohibiting cash collection completely with others strongly advising against using cash where possible. And as we think about implementing remote payment methods like paying online using a debit or credit card, it doesn’t just increase the safety we’re all seeking now, but also reduces time when operating leagues. 


The benefits of cashless payments:


  1. Consumer Confidence - Assure customers you are implementing measures to make them feel safe in your center

  2. Modern Experience - Tomorrow’s customer expects to be able to pay with a credit card

  3. Operational efficiency - Accounting is much simpler when payments are automatically accepted and reconciled inside an accounting system

  4. Increased Revenue - Customers feel more inclined to buy when they utilize a credit / debit card

  5. Ease Of Use - Payments accepted in just a click

  6. Cleanliness Or Hygiene - Paying from their own phone reduces touch points

  7. Security - Funds go from the customer to your bank using industry trusted methods, compliance, and encryption.  Less opportunities for theft.


Implementing Online Payments


Traditionally, cashless payments for bowling leagues are nearly impossible to implement.  With no centralized league accounting system, and the operational difficulties associated with many league bowlers swiping at the front desk is not ideal.


It may seem like a daunting task, but shifting bowlers and league managers to more online payments in LeaguePals is a seamless transition. Managers can of course guide bowlers in the right direction, but bowlers have much more access than they may be used to. They can add a league to their LeaguePals dashboard with just a click, and start paying online now!


Additionally, you still may have bowlers who want to continue to pay in cash.  LeaguePals Digital Envelope makes all league accounting instant and accurate with both online and cash payments recording and automatically reconciled in the cloud.  The bowlers who want to keep their traditional methods are unchanged, and the bowlers who want to take advantage of these benefits, are right there for them! 


Chat with one of our representatives to review a league reopening plan implementing online payments, or maybe just want to chat about what other centers have been doing to acclimate, we’re here to help!