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Cloud Scoring

Managing Cloud Scoring

1. Navigate to your Dashboard and click "Manage Leagues"

2. Select the league you’d like to update


3. Click the Scoring Automation button

4. To Send Rosters to the Front Desk Computer before league starts, so you can open league on lanes, select the week you want in the dropdown under Prepare Rosters And Recaps and click Build. This will give you the option to send the most updated roster information to the front desk to open league on lanes. (This will also generate a pdf of the recap sheets & download to your computer)









Note: After completing Send Roster To Front Desk process, you can then use the front desk or other software related to your center’s scoring system to open league on the lanes for bowlers to bowl. (Please consult your scoring manufacturer or scoring system’s manual for assistance with recommended steps)


5. For processing scores, Cloud Scoring will automatically grab scores from your scoring system and begin processing. If any action is needed to complete processing, you will be notified via the Notification Center. Please see help center article here for further assistance.

6. To manually start Cloud Scoring to process league scores, select the week you want to process in the dropdown under Process League Standings and click Process. This will automatically update scores, standings, leaderboards, and statistics

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Scoring Automation - Send Rosters.PNG
Scoring Automation - Build Modal.PNG
Scoring Automation - Process Scores.PNG
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