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Pay As You Go Leagues

Instead of a guaranteed league, some leagues only charge bowlers’ dues when they bowl.

The combination of Automated Accounting & Cloud Scoring allows streamlining of pay as you go leagues.

1. When creating the league, select Pay As You Go on the Payment Terms tab

2. Can review when bowlers have bowled and for which dates will be charged under Edit Memberships


3. Go to Manage Leagues or Manage Dues








4. Select Edit Memberships









5. Date boxes are automatically checked using Cloud Scoring, but you can manually check/uncheck a box if necessary.





6. Manage Dues automatically charges bowlers for date boxes that are checked.

Create League - Pay As You Go.PNG
Manager Dashboard - Manage Leagues.PNG
Manager Dashboard - Manage Dues.PNG
Manage Leagues - Edit Members.PNG
Manage Dues - Edit Members.PNG
Edit Members - Pay As You Go.PNG
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