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Create Notifications

Send a push notification and/or email to any or all leagues going directly to the appropriate bowlers.

1.  Click on the "Create" button in your toolbar and select Notification.



2. Select a league or all leagues in Send To

3. Turn on/off either Push Notification or Email


4. Push Notifications:

   A) Can use an existing template OR create a custom notification and populate a Title, Subtitle, and Content

   B) Can add a URL to a logo you want to appear in the notification

   C) Select a Link that will bring bowlers to when they click the notification OR create a custom URL link












5. Email: Select a Template and populate a Subject





6. You can also schedule the Push Notification and/or Email to Send Later. Just click Send Later and select a time you want to schedule.

Manager Dashboard - Create Notification.
Create Notification.png
Create Notification - Push Template.PNG
Create Notification - Custom Push.PNG
Create Notification - Email.PNG