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Creating LeaguePals Awareness

It is very important to introduce LeaguePals properly for the bowlers to receive it well, and have a good experience.


LeaguePals provides the following marketing tools and materials for both Centers & Bowlers:

1.  Hanging Banners

2.  Flyers & Handouts

3.  Emails

4.  Push Notifications


Talking points with bowlers:

  • Pay your dues online with credit or debit card

  • Pay with cash and still take advantage of dues tracking

  • All dues & league information is accessible from anywhere on any device

  • Prize Payouts by direct deposit, check, or leave them in your LeaguePals Account to pay for later league dues

  • Compete in Virtual Leagues to win cash!

    • Singles style leagues against bowlers all over country for cash prizes!


Bowler FAQ:

  • Is LeaguePals safe?

    • Processing secure payments and securing all user information is our #1 priority.  LeaguePals uses PCI Level 1 compliant payment processing methods, encrypts all data with our 256 bit SSL certificate, and store all prize money in FDIC insured bank accounts. With bowlers paying online, leaguepals is the absolute safest way to run a league.

  • Do I download a program?

    • Mobile app available in Apple App Store & Google Play

    • LeaguePals is a responsive web application, it can also be accessed from any device that has a browser.

  • How do I find my league?

    • You will receive an email invite correct email address was provided to the center prior to league.

    • You can use the Add League button on Bowler Dashboard to find your league

  • What does it cost? (Depends on Center’s Banking Options)

    • LP Fee Inclusive

      • 5% fee of transaction amount is included in weekly due amount

        • Ex. $20/week league, LP service fees are $1 of the $20

    • LP Fee Additional

      • 5% fee of transaction amount is on top of weekly due amount

        • Ex. $20/week league, LP service fees are $1, so $21 will be charged.

    • Service fees cover all credit card fees and any other fees associated with using the LeaguePals service. There are never any monthly or other service fees associated with using LeaguePals as a bowler.

  • What forms of payment can I use to pay for my league dues

    • Credit/Debit

      • Visa

      • Mastercard

      • Discover

    • Cash

      • Collected and paid at the front desk

  • Do leagues still need officers?

    • LeaguePals is a digital envelope and a league tracking platform. We automate and streamline tasks and responsibilities of league President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We built our platform to make league management easier and a stress free process. However, officers are still recommended to review and solve disputes, update rule changes, upload scores online, and various other administration tasks.

  • Does the entire league have to use LeaguePals

    • Our platform is designed to accommodate all bowlers of the league to fully experience LP benefits. Joining is always free and we instantly save you time, eliminate accounting and bookkeeping errors, view stats and standings, and enable you to manage your leagues from anywhere anytime. You may choose not to take advantage of the online benefits, but we really wish you would.

  • I’m lost help?

    • LeaguePals is always here to help

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