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Custom Fees

Custom fees can be assigned to any bowler or bowlers in your database that are fees collected outside of the league finances.  Typical uses would be Association fees, T-shirt fees, or any other center wide fee.

1. Custom Fees can be assigned in two places:

Manage Bowlers and Bowler Accounts

2. On Manage Bowlers, select Actions in the top right and Charge Custom Fee

3. Now you can select any bowlers with the checkbox, or the first checkbox in the title row to select all bowlers in your database.















4. Once complete selecting bowlers click "Add Custom Fee" in the top right

5. Now we can set the custom fee name, fee management, and due date.

6. Alternatively, if you would like to assign Custom Fees based on teams or league members, we can also assign fees inside bowler accounts

7. Now we can select bowlers, or teams to apply a custom fee.  Also we can select All Bowlers, or only all rostered bowlers (excluding bench or deleted bowlers)

8. Once custom fees are assigned and added to bowlers, they will be displayed under Manager Bowlers > Custom Fee's tab.  Custom fees are allocated outside of all league dues, and will not show up under a league's transactions in manage dues.

9. In the custom fees tab there are options for marking a bowlers fee as paid via cash or credit card, editing the custom fee, or deleting it from the bowler.





10.  We also have actions in the top right to Mass Edit or Mass Pay.  These will allow us to modify or pay multiple custom fees in one action.

11. In the case of making sure a bowler is not double charged for a fee, we can also click "Show Duplicates" and this will filter our custom fees for any fees charged to the same bowler, for the same amount, due in the same year.

12. If you would like an exportable report of all custom fee transactions, there is a "Custom Fee Transaction List" report available for cash and online payments.

13. Finally, custom fees are also available for editing, paying, and assigning from the bowler's profile page > Dues tab

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