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Edit Standings

Edit team points and pins in the league standings.

1. Click on the "Manage Leagues" button in your side bar.









2. Select the League you would like to edit standings and click the red Edit button on the top right.












3. Because the recommended way to override scores is to update the matchups themselves, you will need to confirm you want to edit standings by clicking Yes on the prompt below.











4. Once the fields become editable, you can update any of the points or pins columns that you need, and when complete, click the green Save.












5. You can also view & update previously saved standings edits by repeating steps 1-3, and if available, you'll see a blue View Edits button.

6. If you need to remove standings edits to only leave calculated scores in the standings, you can click the red delete button next to any of the listed edits.

Manager Dashboard - Manage Leagues.PNG
Manage Leagues - Edit Stats.png
Manage Leagues - Edit Standings.png
Manage Leagues - Edit Standings Confirmation.png
Manage Leagues - Edit Standings View Edits.png
Manage Leagues - Edit Standings View Edits Delete.png
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