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Lane Schedule

The Lane Schedule is the schedule or calendar for your league. You can update league nights to skip for holidays, and control the matchups assignments each week.


1. Navigate to your Dashboard and click "Manage Leagues"

2. Select the league you’d like to update


3. Click the Schedule tab

4. Define each week of the Lane Schedule to determine potential matchups.

Skipped: Used when league will not meet that week (usually for holidays).


Position Round: Matchups follow Standings and will be 1st place vs. 2nd place, 3rd place vs. 4th place, etc. Usually used as a playoff or rolloff week.


Custom: Used when you want to define the week’s matchups manually.


Random: Matchups are randomly selected.


Normal: Matchups will follow the standard USBC league schedule.

Note: Lane Schedule Reset will rebuild Lane Schedule on all unlocked weeks. This may be needed when teams are added or removed or after manually updating Matchups & Standings for Position Rounds.

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