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LeaguePals Terminology

There are multiple bowling terms that can change depending on the area of the country. LeaguePals typically uses terminology that is most common around the United States, but there are some cases where it can be a little confusing. Below is a list of common terms that may help in these cases:

All Inclusive Handicap

Both teams will receive handicap as opposed to only the lower average team receiving the difference in handicaps.


Bench Bowlers

Bowlers who are not in the active lineup.

If there are 3 bowlers on a 2 member team, the third bowler in the lineup is considered on the bench.


Blind Rule

The rule that dictates an absent bowler’s score.

The most common blind rule is if a bowler does not show up to league and a sub is not used, 10 pins less the bowler’s average is used as each game’s score.

INC (Incomplete Game)

When editing a match, there is an option to mark a player's game as INC which stands for incomplete. This could be used when a player is injured or any instance when a game should not count towards a bowler's pinfall or average.

Bye Draw

Instead of bowling against vacancy scores, a league may decide that the team that is supposed to bowl against the vacancy, instead bowl against the scores of the team on the lane to their left.

This is another option for a league that has a vacancy team.


Drop Average

The bowler’s average with the Drop Rule in effect.

A bowler’s blind score may be 10 pins less a bowler’s drop average or true average that doesn’t follow the Drop Rule.


Drop Rule

This rule prevents a bowler’s average from dropping a set amount of pins.

Leagues may want to prevent bowlers from having their rolling averages drop 10 pins below their entering averages.


Entry Fee

A one time lump sum that each bowler owes at the beginning of league.


Host League

A league that is hosted by a physical bowling center.

Virtual leagues can span across multiple bowling centers, but a host league is inside one center.


Pins/Games Carry On

Pins and games that need to be assigned to a bowler to update their average.

When moving a bowler from a sub to a rostered team, the pins & games bowled as a sub can be added to the carry on fields under their rostered team in order for their rolling average calculation.


Rolling Average

A bowler’s current average in the league including all average rules, pins, and games bowled.


Schedule Splits

A league is broken up into multiple halves or seasons

A league may be split into halves so that teams can win prizes in both splits.In addition, most splits will allow standings points and/or pins to be reset for additional competition.


Shootout Event

A different league scoring style that does not use points, but instead standings are calculated by Total Pinfall.

LeaguePals monthly free roll shootouts are one example of a shootout.


Split Doubles

In a doubles league, you can set more than 2 teams per lane. This rule splits each team’s lineup by lane instead of by team.

If have 6 teams, but only 4 lanes, you can use Split Doubles to have teams 1-3 bowl on lanes 1/2, and teams 4-6 on lanes 3/4.


Vacancy Bowler

A temporary bowler place holder.

If there are 3 bowlers on a 4 member team, a vacant bowler will be automatically added to the team.


Vacancy Team

A temporary team placeholder

If there are an odd number of teams, a vacancy team will automatically be added to make it even. 



A bowler’s wood scores is a bowler’s series total.

If a bowler’s games 1-3 scores are 100, 120, 150. Their wood (series) scores is 370.

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