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Manage League Dues

Automated accounting at your fingertips. Keep track of your lineage, dues, and prize fund.

1. Click on the "Manage Dues" button in your side bar.

2. Select the league you would like to manage.​

3.  Payment Schedule: This shows the league's weekly payment schedule. It includes summaries of all dues received, cash received, lineage, etc.






4.  Bowler Accounts: Breaks down dues on a bowler by bowler basis











5.  Attachments: Attach receipt or any supporting documents





6.  Transaction List: Lists all league transactions including credit, cash, and lineage.

Manager Dashboard - Manage Dues.PNG
Manage Dues - Payment Schedule.PNG
Manage Dues - Bowler Accounts.PNG
Manage Dues - Attachments.PNG
Manage Dues - Transaction List.PNG
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