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Manage Bowlers

Use the manage bowlers section to manage the bowler database for your bowling center

Entering Mass Cash


1. Navigate to the Manage Bowlers section from the left hand toolbar in LeaguePals:





2. Use the Show Duplicates button to filter the bowler list to show names that appear more than once. This can be used to merge bowlers together that have more than one profile:






3. Use the Action menu on a bowler to either merge, delete, or add a note to a bowler. Then you may use the view notes button to view all notes that have been added to a bowler:







4.  From the Action menu you can issue a custom fee to the whole database. More information on custom fees can be found here 












manage bowlers custom fee.png
manage bowlers show duplicates.png
manage bowlers.png
manage bowlers notes actions.png
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