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Managing Substitutes

If a bowler changes a name on the lanes or the front desk enters a new sub, that bowler will automatically be flagged as a sub by Cloud Scoring. However, you can always view and update anything you need.

1. Click on the Manage Leagues button in your side bar.

2. Select the League you would like to manage substitutes in.

3. Click the Edit Substitutes Button

4. New subs and their entering averages can be entered here. You can also update existing subs and their entering averages by adjusting the number and clicking Update.

5. If the same substitute is bowling, but a different name is being used, you can add Nicknames to subs. When a nickname is added, if either name is used when subbing, Cloud Scoring will use the same bowler’s stats instead of flagging them as a “new” sub. You can also do this from the action menu.

6.  The action menu also has an option to Link Bowlers to their bowler profile. The steps for this can be found in the Linking Subs following article.

7.  The last option in the action menu is Send to Roster. This will allow you to select a team to move a sub to become a rostered member of a team.

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