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Modify Bowler Dues

Modify Bowler Dues - Bowler Memberships

Some bowlers may not owe dues for the entire league, perhaps leave before the end or join the league late. Modify bowler dues by adjusting bowler memberships dates

1. If a bowler joins the league late, and doesn’t owe dues for first week(s) of the league, may need to adjust the bowler membership dates


2. Go to Manage Leagues or Manage Dues


3. Select Edit Memberships



4. Locate bowler by scrolling down page or filter search

5. Adjust membership start or end date to the appropriate day

6. Click Update in the bowler’s row, and Manage Dues will automatically adjust the due amount for the affected bowler(s)

Manager Dashboard - Manage Leagues.PNG
Manager Dashboard - Manage Dues.PNG
Manage Leagues - Edit Members.PNG
Manage Dues - Edit Members.PNG
Edit Members - Filter or Scroll.PNG
Edit Members - Membership Dates.PNG
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