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Moving Bowlers to/from Sub List

Move bowlers and their league stats to/from the sub list

1. When moving a bowler from the Sub list to a rostered team, the first step is to navigate to Manage Leagues - Edit Substitutes page.


Note: If you need assistance adding bowlers to teams, see Manage Teams help center article here.

2. Then under the appropriate bowler, click the button Move to Roster and select the team the bowler is now a part of.




3. When the team is selected, click Move. All appropriate stats, averages, etc. information will automatically be moved with the bowler to the new team.





1. When moving bowlers from a rostered team to a sub list, first navigate to Manage Teams and load the appropriate league.

2. Then expand the corresponding team, and click the delete button next to the appropriate bowler. 

3. After confirming the bowler delete shown in the screenshot below, the selected bowler and corresponding league data will automatically be moved to the substitute list.

Edit Subs - Move to Roster.png
Edit Subs - Move to Roster Select Team.png
Edit Subs - Move to Roster Complete.png
Manage Teams - Delete Bowler.png
Manage Teams - Delete Bowler Save.png
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