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Payment Schedule

Automated reconciliations and summaries.

1. Click on the "Manage Dues" button in your side bar.

2. Select the league you would like to manage.​

3.  Payment Schedule: This shows the league's weekly payment schedule. It includes summaries of all dues received, cash received, lineage, etc.








4. Columns to Highlight

  • Weekly Receivables: Totals all funds collected and recorded including online & cash

  • Cash Receivables: Totals all cash payments recorded in LeaguePals

  • League Funds: Represents all funds specific to the league (Weekly Receivables - Lineage)

  • Lineage +/-: Reconciling column that represents Lineage status of ahead or behind each week

  • Dues +/-: Reconciling column that represents Dues status of ahead or behind each week

Manager Dashboard - Manage Dues.PNG
Manage Dues - Payment Schedule.PNG
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