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Pre-Bowl and Post-Bowl

Enter pre/post bowls into a matchup

1. Click on the "Manage Leagues" button in your sidebar





2. Select the appropriate league.

3. Select the week the pre-bowl/post-bowl needs to be entered






4. When entering a pre-bowl, click on the Add Scores button located below the standings. If entering a post-bowl, click on the bowler's matchup already populated below the standings.










5. When entering a pre-bowl, click on one the preloaded matchups for this week, or you can select to add a custom team selection. For post-bowls, the matchup should already be selectable for the week.












6. To add pre-bowls/post-bowls to the matchup click on the blue cog wheel located to the right of the bowler's name. There is an option to designate a Pre-Bowl. After clicking this option, you can then enter the scores and click ADD located at the bottom of the matchup.





  • If need additional assistance entering matchups directly on LeaguePals, please click help center article here

  • Bowler averages follow the nationally accepted rule that it calculates in the order the scores are bowled. Therefore, LeaguePals calculated averages using all total pins & games that are populated as they are considered bowled.

    • Ex. If matchups are already populated for weeks 1 & 3, but you are entering a post-bowl for week 2. The average will calculate based on all total pins & games (this includes both weeks 1 & 3).

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