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Prize Fund Management

Enter a prize fund & take advantage of the automated Prize Fund Reconciliation

1. To enter a prize fund for a league, either add when creating the league or go to Manage Leagues to Edit League



2. Go to the Prize Fund tab & populate the following:

  • Number of Cashing Positions

  • Prize amount for each standings place



3. Click Next & Update when finished

4. Go to Manage Dues and select the appropriate league


5. Click on the Bowler Accounts tab and select Prize Fund Rec










6. The Net Prize column represents the amount of prize that would be owed to a bowler after paying any dues balanced owed.


  • Dora Mona: Still owes $40 & no prize, so net prize is that she still owes $40

  • Marin Reyhan: Overpaid $80 & $375 prize, so net prize that is owed to her is $455

  • Ankur Cyriacus: Still owes $40 & has $175 prize, so net prize that is owed to him is only $135.