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Remote Assistance Setup

Need additional help, or guidance in setting something up?  Take the steps below to have a Leaguepals support rep remote into your computer for assistance.

1. Navigate your browser to Team Viewer (

2. Click Download Now

3. Navigate to your downloads folder and double click the installer.

4. Once installed, select basic installation, personal / non-commercial use, and click accept and finish.

5. Once, complete, contact leaguepals support, or setup a support appointment to have a LeaguePals support rep provide remote assistance support.

6. Navigate to the sign in page, enter the credentials provided by your LeaguePals support rep, and click Sign In.

7. Navigate to the contacts page, and click the add this computer button in the top right.

8. If it asks to set a remote access password please be sure to remember this as it will be the password your Leaguepals rep will need to access your computer.

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