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Removing Leagues From Scoring System

LeaguePals cloud connects directly to your scoring system, because of this the only way to permanently delete a league from your scoring system is to first delete the league files inside of LeaguePals. Then you will be able to delete from your local scoring system machine.



1.  From your LeaguePals dashboard, click on the notifications button

2.  On the notifications page, navigate to the files tab

3.  With the files tab open, click on the Current folder



4.  Inside of the current folder, you will find all of the files associated with your leagues. A good practice to have would be to use the arrows on the on Modified section to sort files to the oldest date first. If you are unsure of a league file's name, you may navigate to a league and edit the rules of a league to find the file name inside of the rules.

5.  When you are sure that a file name is for a league that is no longer in use, you may use the action menu to delete the files. Once files are deleted from LeaguePals they can be removed from the scoring system. 

current folder.png
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