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Run reports to get organized information and details about a league or multiple leagues.

To access the reporting section, click on Reporting from the left-hand tool bar in LeaguePals, and use the drop down boxes to filter the type of report you would like to run and choose the League you would like to run a report on.















Bowler Account – A report form of the Bowler Accounts tab in Manage Dues. An list of bowlers in the league and the amount of dues they have paid, along with their account balance and other accounting information.

Bowler Account Transaction List – A list of transactions bowlers have made from their LeaguePals Wallet using funds part of their LP Balance.

Bowler Average – This will contain bowler’s current average as well as total pins, game count, high game, and high series.

Bowler Average (excluding subs) – This is the same as the bowler’s average report, but does not include substitute bowlers.

Bowler List – A report that contains general information about the bowlers in a league. It contains information such as birthdate, phone number, address, email, and account balance.


Bowler Score History – Run this report to get a list of each game recorded in LeaguePals. To get a list that also contains substitute games, run a report on the whole league by not specifying a team or bowler.

Lane Schedule – Run a Lane Schedule report to retrieve the league schedule for a specific week, or select All Weeks if you would like to print out an entire league schedule.

League Prize Fund – A report containing prize fund information for a league.

League Transaction List – View all of the transactions of the league in report form from the Transaction List tab of Manage Dues.

Custom Fee Transaction List – View a list of bowlers who have paid a custom fee set up for the bowling center.

League Summary – Provides information about the league as a whole such as the number of weeks and the starting and end date. It also provides information such as start time, the number of lanes and dues information.

Members List – Provides a list memberships bowlers have in the league that includes Name, Email, Team Name, Start and End date in the league.

Payment Schedule – An export of the Payment Schedule tab in Manage Dues. A list of payment weeks and a summary of all dues setup and collected in the league.

Tournament Entries Report – Run this report to get a list of bowlers in the tournament. This includes, email, D.O.B, home bowling center, squad time etc.

Adult/Youth Awards Report – Run specific awards on a league, or compile a list of awards that you would like to save as a filter to run again without building the awards over again. You also have the ability to create custom awards here.


LeaguePals Award Report – A report that can be quickly run that contains the common awards

Note. View results in table or export into a desired format by using the buttons Copy, CSV, Excel, and Print. You can also rearrange the columns of your results by clicking and dragging.




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