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Sync Cloud Scoring Setup

The LeaguePals Cloud Scoring Application is a small windows application that will run on your Sync Server to communicate league scores to the LeaguePals Servers.  Please complete this installation before sending rosters to lanes, or processing scores.

1. Click here to download LeaguePals Cloud Scoring

2. Once the download has finished, right click on the zip file and click extract all.


3. Inside the extracted folder, right click on Setup.exe and select "Run As Administrator"

4. If you see a window "Windows Has Protected Your PC"  Click "More Info", and then select "Run Anyway"

5. Select yes in the window below.

6. Click Next to Install LeaguePals

7. Make sure LeaguePals Cloud Scoring box is checked, and click "Install."

8. LeaguePals Cloud Scoring will now install please allow a few minutes.

9. To continue with TeamViewer Setup, please click here, otherwise proceed to step 11 to finish "LeaguePals Cloud Scoring" setup.

10. If TeamViewer is already installed on your server, please click cancel to proceed with LeaguePals installation.

Click "Yes" in the "LeaguePals - Installshield Wizard" dialog box.

11. Click "Next"

12.  Click "Install"

13.  Click "Finish"

14.  Your server must be restarted to complete installation of LeaguePals Cloud Scoring.  Please make sure to save all your work before clicking "Yes" to restart.  While the server is restarting currently running lanes will not be affected, but you will not be able to open or close lanes.  Please make sure this is ok before clicking "Yes" to restart.


15.  After your computer has restarted, this window will pop up, please click "Yes."

16.  Please click finish to complete installation.

17.  Please login with your LeaguePals email and password and click accept to connect your sync server to LeaguePals.  If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here by clicking forgot password.  Alternatively if you would prefer to enter your Center ID, please do so.  This can be retrieved from contacting LeaguePals support.









Click accept.



18.  LeaguePals Cloud Scoring has been automatically configured for your Sync Server.  Please click Save and Yes to initiate the connection.

19.  LeaguePals Cloud Scoring should now be setup!  Please make sure to send rosters to the lanes and create new products in your Sync Office if your opening the leagues on Sync for the first time.  Don't forget to export scores in Sync Desk to begin processing scores.