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Verify Changes Made on Lanes

If a brand new substitute is bowling in a league or bowlers change their names on the lanes, the league manager will need to verify the sub’s information

1. Click Verify on the Yellow Warning substitute notification on any device. This will bring you to the Scoring Automation page & open the verify sub window.







2.  All bowlers with names received that do not match in LeaguePals will be identified as substitutes in this list. Some actions to take are:




















A) Bowler is a new substitute: Update sub’s name if needed and populate any necessary Carry On Pins, Carry On Games, or Entering Average.
















B) Bowler is a substitute that has subbed in the league before: If bowler has already subbed and is appearing in this list, then their name is spelled differently. Use the name fields to search for the existing sub to process using the correct average. (if either name is used moving forward, scores will automatically process under that bowler)
















C) Bowler is actually a rostered bowler already in the league, but name looks different: Click toggle On Roster and select the appropriate bowler. If the bowler’s name needs to be updated, then click the edit button next to the name after selecting.











D) Bowler is a new rostered bowler: Click toggle On Roster and select Add a Bowler in the dropdown, and populate any necessary Bowler Name, Carry On Pins, Carry On Games, or Entering Average.















3. Once all bowlers listed are updated accordingly, click the green Verify button at the bottom.